A.L. Steiner | New York / Los Angeles

20 August - 30 October 2011

We were delighted to have multimedia artist A.L. Steiner as our inaugural resident. The GuestHaus Residency supported Steiner in her relocation to Los Angeles as a Visiting Core Faculty member for the University of Southern California’s MFA program.  During her stay, Steiner and Los Angeles-based artist Zackary Drucker created a body of images for their series Before/After, 2009-present, for which the GHR provided a photographic backdrop. Works from this series were included in Tilt-Shift: New Queer Perspectives on the Western Edgecurated by Darin Klein for Luis De Jesus Gallery, a participating gallery exhibition associated with the J. Paul Getty Museum's Pacific Standard Time in Los Angeles.

Ming Wong | Berlin, Germany

8 January - 6 February 2012

The GuestHaus Residency hosted artist Ming Wong in conjunction with his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at the Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater (REDCAT), Making Chinatown.  During his extended stay, Wong re-made Roman Polanski’s 1974 film Chinatown on-site at REDCAT and re-presented it as a multi-channel video installation.  Like Polanski, Wong focused on and used Los Angeles as a central figure, a city he had the opportunity to better familiarize himself with during his stay.

Photographs courtesy of the artist and Feature Inc.

Sam Gordon | New York, NY

16 March - 1 April 2012

Sam Gordon screened 24 Hours in Los Angeles: The Lost Kinetic World, Volumes 1-12 at the Mandrake in Culver City on March 29th and 30th.   This 24-hour video functioned as a trailer for his prospective 100-hour long film that documents and archives art events, artists, and Gordon’s recurring muses for almost a decade.   During his residency, Gordon culled additional visual material and research towards the extended project, and collaborated with artist Eve Fowler during her studio residency at Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena.  Additional support for Gordon’s screening was provided by Artist Curated Projects (ACP), Los Angeles.

Paul Kajander | Vancouver, British Columbia + Seoul, South Korea

17 April - 6 May 2012

Paul Kajander's residency was partially funded by a British Columbia Arts Council Project Assistance Grant in order to facilitate research and production towards a new project tentatively titled the head that will soon become a skull is already empty.  Working with archives and material at the Getty Research Institute, Kajander developed an approach to this new work that encompassed historical representations of madness and structures of power that complicated his focus on the specific example of a Canadian mental healthcare facility; the Riverview Mental Hospital.


Nicole Miller | Los Angeles, CA

13 May - 14 June 2012

Nicole Miller resided at GuestHaus during her return to Los Angeles for the city’s first biennial: Made in L.A. 2012.  Her contribution to the exhibition­, Untitled (2012), was a video installation that explores issues of race and film history specific to Los Angeles. She was also commissioned by LA><ART to produce a billboard as part of her contribution to the biennial.


Jeannie Simms | Boston, Massachusetts

15 June - 25 June 2012

Jeannie Simms returned to Los Angeles for her exhibition That is the impression we receive at artist-run Commonwealth & Council, which explored the various levels of interpretation in cultural exchange. In conjunction with her exhibition, Simms organized and hosted an intimate screening and discussion at the GHR led by artist and educator, Anne Walsh, Artist/Chair, UC Berkeley Art Department.

Photos courtesy of the artist and Commonwealth and Council

 Photo credit: Robbie Campbell

Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener | New York, NY

31 July - 16 August 2012

Choreographer/dancers Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener (recently listed by Dance Magazine as "25 to watch" for 2013) stayed at the GHR during their residency at Pieter Performance Art Space in Lincoln Heights, CA.  Both residencies supported their intensive dance study and experimentation for a larger body of work scheduled to premiere at Danspace in 2013. They generously presented their work-in-progress, titled Just a Taste, to an intimate public audience at Pieter, and also at Otherwild for Tea Dance Taste Test Trunk Show in James Kidd Dancerwear. 



Marilou Lemmens & Richard Ibghy |  Durham-Sud, Canada

24 August - 10 September 2012

Long time collaborators, Marilou Lemmens and Richard Ibghy, stayed at the GuestHaus in conjunction with the presentation of two new works at Monte Vista Projects in Highland Park, curated by Candice Lin.  The long time collaborators performed Until it is totally destroyed, unrecognizable (2012) on the night of the opening, the vestiges of which became the installation for their three-channel video, Real Failure Needs No Excuse (2012).   Both works explore themes of labor as they relate to precarious conditions of production—cultural and commercial.


Images from Until it is totally destroyed, unrecognizable (2012), performance at Center for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, and Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles, 2012

Ann Trondson | Detroit, Michigan

12 September - 17 September 2012

Rehearsal/Recording was a performance by Ann Trondson held on September 15th at the Mak Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House, Los Angeles, CA.  During the performance, Canadian composer Claudio Vena led a string quartet through an initial rehearsal of a piece of music that Trondson and the MAK Center commissioned him to write onsite.  The musicians, unseen by the audience, rehearsed inside Schindler’s Kings Road House while an audience sprawled on blankets in the garden “eavesdropped” on the rehearsal as it was recorded.


Rob Halverson | Portland, Oregon

22 October - 27 October 2012

Portland, Oregon based artist and curator Rob Halverson stayed at GuestHaus while visiting Los Angeles to mount HOW’S YOUR WALL?—a group exhibition he curated at Artist Curated Projects (ACP) that featured the work of seven emerging international artists: Sam Anderson, Bianca Beck, Marlous Borm, Lucas DeGiulio, Rob Halverson, Sergei Tcherepnin, and Josh Tonsfeldt.  During his residency, Halverson also hosted an event at the Mandrake to release two limited edition prints by Zak Prekop and Josh Tonsfeldt through his project C-o-o-l Art.

Photo credit: Charchi Stinson


MPA  | New York, NY

8 September - 18 September 2012

MPA describes herself as an “exhibitionist following a living art practice.”  Her practice concentrates on performance with reaches into photography, sculpture, and film. Her visit to Los Angeles was spurred by an invitation to participate in the group exhibition titled Gap, Mark, Sever, Again and Return at Human Resources curated by Chiara GiovandoThe exhibition explores the work of four international artists in relation to the notions of seriality, in which MPA presents a trilogy of works focused around the shape of the Bull's Eye.     


Marc-Olivier Wahler | Paris, France

19 November – 3 December 2012

Marc-Olivier Wahler is the former director and chief curator of Palais de Tokyo in Paris.  His residency at GuestHaus is in support of his curatorial project at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park, entitled LOST (in LA)This exhibition places a diverse range of artworks—produced by established and emerging artists from France and Los Angeles—in dialogue to consider the characteristic experiences of disorientation and discovery while navigating Los Angeles’ fragmented cultural, social and spatial landscape. LOST (in LA) is organized by FLAX (France Los Angeles Exchange) in partnership with the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and the Department of Cultural Affairs in Los Angeles.


Marc-Olivier Wahler, 2008, © Photo by Patrick Fraser

Photo credit: Same Time, 2013, installation detail, Steffani Jemison; installation view, Michael Underwood.  Photos courtesy of Steffani Jemison & LA><ART

Steffani Jemison | Brooklyn, NY

6 January - 15 January 2013

Steffani Jemison is a mixed media artist whose methods include "transcription, tautology, redundancy, and return." Her GuestHaus Residency is supported by LA><ART, where she will present Same Time, her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. The exhibition includes a new sound work incorporating improvisational performances by Sidetrack Boyz, a Brooklyn-based R&B trio.



C. Finley | Rome, Italy and New York

January 16 – February 16, 2013

C. Finley is known for her vibrant geometric paintings and site-specific public art installations. Her residency at the GuestHaus is in support of her current public art project, FURNISH/LA, and in conjunction with the Aran Cravey Gallery. For FURNISH/LA, C. Finley and a coterie of collaborators activate the boulevards of Hollywood and Venice Beach with dance performed on sculptural objects, customized furniture, and with paintings – all of which are left behind for the public to take, free of charge, in the spirit of free and accessible art.


Alex Braidwood | Des Moines, IA

17 March - 24 March 2013

Alex Braidwood is a designer, media artist and design educator who maintains a practice centered around a process of play, experimentation and research through making. His current work explores methods for transforming the relationship between people and the noise in their environment. Alex's residency at GuestHaus was supported by Side Street Projects and in association with Elana Mann’s public artwork, Listening as (a) movement.  His Listening Instruments Invention Workshop provided participants with the inspiration and resources to create new listening experiences that physically modify their sonic relationship to the urban soundscape through the development of mechanically adjusted active listening experiences.


Martha Kirszenbaum | Paris, France

15 April - 11 May 2013

Martha Kirszenbaum is an independent curator and writer based in Paris.  She spent three weeks at GuestHaus Residency to develop a double-exhibition project between Paris and Los Angeles entitled La Fin de la  Nuit / The End of the Night, consecutively presented at Palais de Tokyo in Paris (June 21 - September 9, 2013) and LACE in Los Angeles (October 17 - December 15, 2013). This two-folded project is based on a reflection around the visual influence of two important experimental filmmakers: the French Henri-Georges Clouzot and the Californian Kenneth Anger. Palais de Tokyo’s exhibition explores Kenneth Anger’s aesthetics influence on the work of Los Angeles artists while the LACE part examines the impact of Henri-Georges Clouzot and his unfinished 1963-1964 film, L'Enfer, on contemporary French art.


Portrait by © Peter Bohler

Photos courtesy of the artist and Favorite Goods

Tal Gafny | Richmond VA

14 May - 20 May 2013

Tal Gafny is an Israeli artist and MFA candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University for Sculpture and Extended Media. Her stay at GuestHaus was in association with Crypsis, a group show curated by Julie Grosche at Favorite Goods  gallery in Chinatown. Understudy, her contribution to the exhibition, is a floor piece made of three layers of see-through linoleum, piecing together the forms of two suns into a single surface, separating and merging itself into the floor of the space. 


Stephen Lapthisophon | Dallas, Texas

1 June - 22 June 2013

Stephen Lapthisophon’s visit to Los Angeles and stay at GuestHaus was multifold, and organized by LA-based artist, Vincent Ramos. While in Los Angeles Lapthisophon produced work for three exhibitions, including a group exhibition titled Baker’s Dozen at the Torrance Art Museum (with Vincent Ramos), and two solo interrelated exhibitions: Aroma at Elephant Gallery in Glassell Park, and Tautology at Actual Size Gallery in Chinatown, which included an evening of video screenings and discussion of works by Ramos.  Lapthisophon teaches studio art and art history at The University of Texas at Arlington and is represented by Conduit Gallery Dallas, Texas. 


Narcissister | Brooklyn, NY

26 July - 28 July 2013

Narcissister's brief sojourn at GuestHaus was organized by, and in support of, Human Resources for their HRLA Benefit. For the benefit, which coincides with PERFORM CHINATOWN 2013, Narcissister will debut new video and performance work which further her project's aim to refigure narcissism through radical acts of self love; acts that, in turn, reveal and conceal the racializing and eroticizing effects of our commodity-driven culture. Covered by mask and merkin, Narcissister pushes the limits of burlesque, masquerade, and performance art as she uncovers her body and its potential to animate objecthood.


Morgan Thorson | Minneapolis, MN

29 July - 8 August 2013

Morgan Thorson is a dance-maker based in Minneapolis and a Guggenheim, McKnight and USA Artist Fellow. Her visit was to Los Angeles was supported by Show Box L.A. for the development of her collaborative project with Meg Wolfe, The Other ThingThe Other Thing is a living and moving document of the process of human connection, which Morgan and Meg performed during week 3 of the New Original Works Festival at REDCAT


Julie Lequin | Montréal, Qc Canada

9 August - 16 August 2013

Julie Lequin returns to Los Angeles to participate in ''The Armory Show and Tell,'' organized by Irene Tsatos at the Armory Center for the Arts, in Pasadena. For the exhibition, Julie has contributed a series of works on paper (and perhaps banners) that depict encouraging (or not) thoughts one can have right before a job interview. She will also present an in-progress video project titled “Job Interviews,” as part of the public programing, to discuss her aesthetic choices (fabrication of props & sets) and how her job as a teacher influences her artwork.


Hana van der Kolk | Liberty, TN

19 September - 29 September 2013

Hana van der Kolk returns to Los Angeles, where she was based from 2005 to 2010, to present a new performance work created in collaboration with Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Blaine O'Neill, Tomislav Feller, Jane Pickett, Justin Streichman, Olive McKeon and Megan May Daalder for off-RADAR festival at the Bootleg Theater. Hana van der Kolk's choreographic projects combine elements of conceptual practice with post-modern dance and take place in a wide-range of venues.


 Photo credits: Marianne Williams and Don Lewis

Mårten Spångberg | Linkoping, Sweden

1 October - 8 October 2013

Mårten Spångberg is a choreographer and performance artist working with the expanded fields of both.  Mårten’s sojourn in Los Angeles was supported by Human Resources and the curators of BASE: Sessions 1, a 10-day exhibition and experimental choreography series that works towards the creation of an embodied viewership through workshops, printed matter, lectures, and performances. During the exhibition Marten performed Slow Fall, and hosted three 4 hour workshop/seminars that addressed the shifting contexts of choreography and dance in contemporary society.


Martha Kirszenbaum | Paris, France

9 October - 20 October 2013

Martha Kirszenbaum returned to Los Angeles and GuestHaus for the installation and opening of La Fin de la  Nuit / The End of the Night  at   Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) (October 17 - December 15, 2013). This project is based on a reflection around the visual influence of French filmmaker Henri-Georges Clouzot and examines the impact of Clouzot and his unfinished 1963-1964 film, L'Enfer, on contemporary French art.  

Photo by Marc McBeth

Photo by Marc McBeth

Sara Shelton Mann | San Francisco, CA

1 November - 4 November 2013

Sara Shelton Mann's visit to Los Angeles was supported by Show Box L.A. and in association with a two-day workshop, The Body Process, at Dance Arts Academy and the presentation of a new work, Hybrid 2 at Live Arts Los Angeles.  Mann is a choreographer, teacher, writer, and consultant based in San Francisco and developed the performance group “Contraband,” which toured from 1979-96. 

Lili Reynaud Dewar | Grenoble, France

20 November - 24 November 2013

Lili Reynaud Dewar’s stay in Los Angeles was supported by Public Fiction and in association with the exhibition The Stand In (or A Glass of Milk), curated by Lauren Mackler Alexandra Graty. Lili contributed a site-specific installation and performance, her first in Los Angeles.  

L.A. Watson | Frankfort, KY

2 January - 14 January 2014

 In May 2013, artist L.A. Watson co-curated Uncooped: Deconstructing the Domesticated Chicken, an online exhibition hosted on The National Museum of Animals & Society's website.   The exhibition explored the origins of and the cultural attitudes towards one of the most common—yet most often overlooked—of all domesticated animals: the chicken.  This year, The National Museum of Animals & Society opened a location in east Hollywood with the physical version of Uncooped.  We, at GuestHaus, are excited to host Watson for this manifestation of Uncooped, and welcome The National Museum of Animals & Society to the city. 

Ho Tam | Vancouver, BC

29 January – 13 February 2014

Ho Tam’s stay at the GuestHaus is in support of several events around town: the LA Art Book Fair at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, and his first solo exhibition in the U.S. at Commonwealth & Council.  Ho Tam will represent his own small press, Hotam Press, at the book fair with bookwork, zines, and other publications of his own and other artists. His exhibition at Commonwealth & Council opens shortly after the book fair, on February 8th.  He plans to research and produce a new work relating to his experience in the city and at GHR, to be used in a new bookwork.

Mathias Danbolt | Copenhagen, Denmark

13 February – 22 February 2014

Mathias Danbolt is an art historian invested in topics of queer history, historiography and queer archival practices.  Danbolt has worked with the Norwegian artist run platform, FRANK (Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle) over the last year on various projects, including the book project, Voluspå.  The book will launch during the reception of the exhibition Marie Høeg meets Klara Lidén at the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives. During his residency, Danbolt will present a lecture to coincide with this exhibition and conduct research at the ONE Archive.

Liv Bugge | Oslo, Norway

24 February – 3 March 2014

Liv Bugge’s residency coincides with the exhibition Marie Høeg meets Klara Lidén at ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, an exhibition she co-organized as part of the Norwegian artist run platform, FRANK (Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle).  This project is FRANK’s first large-scale exhibition in L.A. and, according to David Frantz of the ONE Archives, it places FRANK at the intersection of archives studies, curatorial practice, and discussions around under-recognized queer histories.”  Their most recent book, Voluspå will be launched during the exhibition. and

Summer Guthery | Brooklyn, NY

11 March – 28 March 2014

LA><ART invited Summer Guthery to program a performance series for their new Annex space in Culver City beginning in April 2014.  The series will highlight the critical role of live performance in the visual arts throughout history and will include local, national and international artists working in dance, theater, literature, film and in-between.

Miriam Simun | Brooklyn, NY

30 March – 1 April 2014

Miriam Simun is an artist that makes creative disruptions: actions and objects that poke, provoke, and re-imagine current systems. She is a 2013 Creative Capital Grantee in the Emerging Fields.   Her residency is in support of Otis College of Art & Design MFA Public Practice Program, where she was invited as a Visiting Critic and Guest Lecturer.  Miriam will be lecturing about her recent projects, GhostFood and Human Cheese.

Ieva Miseviciute | New York, NY

1 May – 6 May 2014

leva Miseviciute was invited to perform in LA><ART’s Performance Series curated by Summer Guthery.  For the inaugural event, leva will perform “SSSSSSSSSSS,” a dance-based inquiry of how speaking and dancing simultaneously can expand one another’s uses.  The performance is scheduled for May 4th at Werkartz in downtown Los Angeles.

Joshua Lubin-Levy | Brooklyn, NY

14 May – 24 May 2014

Dramaturg Joshua Lubin‐Levy (PhD ABD, Performance Studies, New York University) was invited to participate in a performance and residency by artist Julie Tolentino, UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance and the Center for Performance Studies.  During his stay at GuestHaus, Joshua will collaborate with Tolentino on an installment of her project “The Sky Remains The Same” and artists Lovett/Codagnone (John Lovett and Alessandro Codagnone) on their project “Weighted.”

Jenny Yurshansky | Månkarbo, Sweden

25 May – 11 June 2014

Jenny Yurshansky is the Spring 2014 artist-in-residence at Pitzer College Art Galleries, Pitzer College in Claremont.  During her stay she will be collecting, studying, and researching for her upcoming solo exhibition, Blacklisted: A Planted Allegory, curated by director/curator Ciara Ennis.  The project investigates the distinction between native versus invasive species as determined by California Invasive Species Advisory Committee (CISAC), a scientific organization charged with creating a statewide “living list” of invasive species since late 2009.

Danielle Dean | New York, NY

12 June – 20 June 2014

Danielle Dean’s residency is in support of her participation in Made in L.A. 2014. Her work explores the potential for socially constructed narratives, such as racism, to be retold through hybrid scripts sourced from political speeches and commercial slogans. She was commissioned by the Hammer Museum to produce new work for the biennial with additional production support provided by Civic Center Studios and Commonwealth & Council.

19. HWB SHowroom 5.jpeg

Grant Watson | London, United Kingdom

4 –14 August & 23–28 August 2014

We hosted Grant Watson at GHR in partnership with Human Resources for his 'Performance in Research' project How We Behave, commissioned by If I Can't Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your RevolutionHow We Behaveis inspired by an interview of the same name with Michel Foucault published in Vanity Fair in 1983, in which Foucault asked - why can’t life be ‘the material for a work of art?’ The interviews focus on people’s behaviour - how they work on themselves, how they reflect on their lives and their relationships to others.

Sebastian Cichocki | Warsaw, Poland

15 August – 22 August 2014

Kobe Matthys | Brussels, Belgium

1 September – 20 September 2014

Cocky Eek | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

22 September – 6 October 2014

Jacob Robichaux | New York, NY

11 October – 19 October 2014

Karina Nimmerfall | Berlin, Germany

20 October – 26 October 2014

Sascha Pohflepp + Chris Woebken | Berlin, Germany

27 October - 30 October 2014

Danielle Dean | New York, NY

7 January - 12 January 2015

John Lovett + Alessandro Codagnone | New York + Italy

21 January- 25 Janurary 2015 

Hanna Wildow | Stockholm, Sweden

26 January - 8 February 2015

Bradford Nordeen | Brooklyn, NY

13 February - 26 February 2015

Kobe Matthys |Brussels, Belgium

1 March - 31 March 2015

Brennan Gerard + Ryan Kelly | New York, NY

6 April - 30 April 2015

Bill Kelley Jr. | Jackson, Mississsppi

1 May -15 May 2015